Onyx Slabs

Red Onyx Slabs, Black Onyx Slabs

Mármoles Robles is a Mexican company 

with more than 20 years in the Onyx industry, we have our own quarries Onyx

 Company dedicated to the extraction and manufacture of Onyx

                                          Onyx Slabs   Onyx Blocks 

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Red Onyx Slabs
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Black onyx slabs

Onyx Slab Material of Stunning Beauty

 The backlit Onyx Slabs gives a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation.

Onyx  represents the point zero, the great universal silence, the dream of God

 Onyx Slabs are  cryptocrystallines, a variety of quartz with distinctive  light and dark stripes.

Onyx slabs are reinforced with an Italian permeation of resin and mesh so the material gets and extra coat of hardness

 Onyx Slabs have always been in craze, it has been found in ancient civilizations as embellishments. Onyx is a synonym of class and elegance. 


 Marmoles Robles you get personalized attention for making the proper selection of Onyx stone that will suit best for your project.

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Laminas de Onix Español

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